Birthday Wishes Messages


Happy Birthday dear
i’ve made all arrangements for someone to drive
us home and for us to crash at my place tonight.
Do you know why? Because we are going to get
drunk, celebrate and have a party for
your Birthday! Happy Birthday dear!

Have a Great One
Look at yourself in the mirror today and see a
silver gleaming crown on your head. You are
the Emperor of the Universe today. Wish you
lots of love, warm wishes and prayers for
your Birthday. Have a great one!

Just kidding Happy Birthday
Today is your chance to ask for whatever
you want and you will get it. Lots of
peace, happiness, luck, prosperity and
good fortune. Take your pick, just
don’t ask for an expensive dress!
Just kidding. Happy Birthday!

I Am Going to Bring You
What flavors do you like – chocolate,
caramel, truffle, pineapple, orange or
black forest? Tell me quickly because
I am going to bring you a birthday cake
today! Happy Birthday! Here’s to a
hot, sexy, fun, quirky
and a fruitful year ahead.

My birthday Wish For You
My birthday wish for you is that you
get a great job, a great life partner,
a great degree, a great house and a
great life in the future. Now, isn’t
that a super birthday wish? Anything
for you! Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Keeps All Your Sorrows at Bay
You’re going to have a fun day
That’s what they all say
Hoping that the year ahead
Keeps all your sorrows at bay
We wish you a Happy Birthday!

Every Ray Of the Sun
Every ray of the sun touching your face
today signifies something important. A
ray of luck, a ray of hope, a ray of
courage and a ray of love. May your year
ahead be lit with thousands of such
rays. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday
The perfect recipe for your year ahead
should be 20 percent love mixed with 30
percent luck. Add on top 20 percent courage
and garnish it with 30 percent health. If
you manage to achieve this combination,
call me! Haha. We wish you a
very Happy Birthday.

Beginning of a New Season
Today I’m happy for a reasonfor you,
today is the beginning of a new season
Today, I want to show you that I care
With lots of happiness, wishes and love to share
With pride, joy and utmost delight I say
Wish you a very very Happy Birthday!

Bring You Happy Surprises
May every path be smooth for you,
May every corner bring you happy surprises,
May every day put a smile on your face,
May every friend bring you price and joy,
May you get whatever you always wished for,
And may you never forget ME!
I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
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