v Wishing you a great day today
Your Birthday is God’s way of reminding you that
you have many more big things to achieve and very
little time on your hands. Wishing you a great
day today and lots of success for the
future. Happy Birthday!

v Your Birthday today is special
Your Birthday today is special because it marks
a beautiful journey that you have undertaken since
you were born. Today, you have accomplished a
small milestone in your life and I’m here to
tell you that there are many more to come! Happy Birthday.

v Open your eyes and look beyond
Spread your wings and soar higher in the skies.
Open your eyes and look beyond the ordinary.
Elevate your imagination and rise above the
mediocre. May your Birthday today be the
beginning of wonderful achievements in your life.

v Any regrets of your life
In the journey of your life, may you count your
successes with each passing Birthday and may you
never have to look back on any regrets of
your life. Happy Birthday dear!

v Have a great Birthday
Look back on life and see if you have made a change
in the world or not. If you haven’t, you still
have lots of time to do so. Get going!
And have a great Birthday.

v Touch the lives of everyone
With every Birthday may you have 5 new friends, 3
more pounds of wisdom, 2 more tons of hope and a
few more handfuls of magic dust to touch the lives
of everyone around you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

v The very best in life
As you grow up, make sure you have more dreams
than memories, more opportunities than chances,
more hard work than luck and more friends than
acquaintances. May you have the very
best in life. Happy Birthday!

v Wishing you a very Happy Birthday
Let enthusiasm reach your smile, happiness reach
your eyes and resilience reach the temples of your
face every time you look at someone. May you pass
on your radiance to everyone around you.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

v Have a great year ahead
Every Birthday, decide to live whole heatedly as
if it was your last Birthday ever. Every Birthday,
decide to learn whole heartedly as if you never
knew anything before. Happy Birthday
and have a great year ahead.

v Talents in yourself
If you are born with a talent, then it means that
God intended you to use it in some way. This
Birthday, may you discover many more secret
talents in yourself. Happy Birthday!



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