Just feel It.. !!

She Says: "I don't Love you.."
Her Eyes Say: "I'm Crazy for you.."

She Says: "I'm Happy without you.."

Her Eyes Say: "I'm No where without you.."

She Says: "She has many to take care of Her.."

Her Eyes Say: "No One Cares as you do.."

She Says: "All Her friends are Like Me.."

Her Eyes Say: "But you stand Unique among them.."

She Say: "To Hold someone else’s Hand.."

Her eyes say: "Never Leave Me.."

She says: "Don't Hold Me.."

Her Eyes say: "Let Me just hold you.."

She says: "you are just a Good friend.."

Her Eyes Say: "I can't See U to be with anyone Other.."

She says: "Go away.."

Her Eyes say: "Till I fill your Heartbeat.."

She says: "Don't kiss Me.."

Her Eyes say: "Don't follow My Words.."

She says: "Wait for Now"

Her Eyes say: "Lets fall in for each Other.."

She says: "I'm Confused.."

Her Eyes say: "I just Love you.."

She says: "I don't Trust you.."

Her Eyes say: "After My Dad I feel Safe with you.."

->Girls Eyes are the Most Beautiful,
They say the Unsaid Words.. ♥



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