Valentines Day...

Today is Valentines Day
A day to show a love one you care 
But how can you hold them kiss them console them 
When no one is even there 

Today is a day of us together 
And not a second to be left apart
But knowing today won't bring those things 
It continues to break my heart 

I know I'm supposed to be happy 
And I really look the part 
But how can I smile 
And pretend that I'm happy 
When a piece is missing from my heart 

Today won't change the crying 
Today won't change pain 
Today won't change the fact 
That heartache is now a part of my name 

Today for me is lonely
Today for me is untrue 
Today for me is wishing 
That once again I still had you

But wishes are like fairy tales 
They rarely do come true 
So today is a day of loneliness 
And me being sad and blue 

Today for you is laughing 
Because to you my love is a game 
So while your happy spending time with friends 
I'm left to drown in pain 

Today is not a day anymore 
Its a waste of useless time 
Today for me is
Loneliness, heartache, crying, praying 
That soon again you'd be mine


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