Valentines Day Poem to Boyfriend


This poem is to my boyfriend who I have be in love with for 2 years now. I love you ?

I Can’t Hide My Feelings

I just want to be with you, 
baby no one else will do.
I know I say I love you often, 
but every word I say is true.
You made me realize 
that every boy is not always the same.
I wrote your name in my heart, 
and forever it will stay.
I know we have are ups and downs, 
but no relationship is perfect.
And by the end of the argument 
the confrontation wasn’t even worth it.
People try to break us every day,
over and over again.
I don’t let it get to me 
because I know who has won in the end.
I love your smile, 
your intelligence, 
and everything you do.
I thank god faithfully 
that he sent you

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