True Love Story Boy Hey can I tell you something..

Boy: Hey, can I tell you

Girl: Yeah, of course.
Boy: I… I love you.
Girl: *sighs*
Boy: What’s wrong?
Girl: I can’t tell you. I’m sorry.
Boy: Are you sure?
Girl: Why do you love me?
Boy: Because you’re the sweetest
girl I’ve ever met, you can make
me laugh, and you’re beautiful
both inside and out.
Girl: I… Thank you. I just wish you
could know… But I can’t. I’m sorry.
Boy: It’s okay, you can tell me
when you’re ready.
Girl: I have to go.
Boy: See you later beautiful.
*Later that night the boy gets a call
from one of his friends*
Friend: Did you hear?
Boy: What are you talking about?
*Friend explains that the girl took
pills earlier that night, and she was
in a coma in the hospital. The boy
realises this meant she’d taken the
pills before he’d talked to her*
Boy: Oh my god… I should’ve told
her sooner.
Friend: What are you talking
Boy: It doesn’t matter, I have to
*The boy drives to the hospital to
go see the girl. At first they tell him
he probably shouldn’t go in, but
he says he needs to, and it’ll only
be a few minutes*
Boy: Why didn’t I tell you
Boy: I know you’ll wake up.
You’re stronger than anyone
thinks. They say people in comas
can hear things… So I’ll talk to you
until you wake up.
Boy: I don’t have much time now
though. Remember I love you.
*The next day the boy goes and
talks to her. He tells her
everything that happened during
the day and again, tells her he
loves her and she’s the most
amazing girl in the world. He
continues this for three weeks until
one day he shows up to find
something unexpected*
Boy: Hey beautiful. *squeezes her
Girl *squeezes hand back*
Boy: *stares with an astonished
look while a nurse walks in*
Nurse: What’s wrong?
Boy: She squeezed my hand.
Nurse: Are you sure?
Boy: I’m positive!
Nurse: I think it’s time you go
home. We’ll call you if she’s
awake, I promise.
*Boy reluctantly goes home. He
goes back to the hospital for a few
days after that, but they keep
telling him he can’t see the girl.
Finally, he gets a call from the
nurse at the hospital he’d spoken
to before*
Nurse: Technically she’s not
allowed visitors besides her family
yet, but her parents say it’s alright
if you come.
Boy: *drives right away to the
hospital to see the girl*
Nurse: *leads him to the room and
leaves him sitting next to her bed*
Girl: *eyes flutter open*
Boy: Beautiful as always.
Girl: I remember you. I can’t
remember everything, but I
remember you.
Boy: I spoke to you every day.
Girl: I heard you. I wanted to
respond but I couldn’t.
Boy: I knew you’d wake up.
Girl: I can hardly even walk. And
look at these needles stuck in my
arm. They hurt. *motions to IV*
Boy: I wish I could take away the
pain, but you’ll have them off
soon enough. They’re helping
you. And you’ll be up and moving
soon enough. *smiles*
Girl: There was something I really
wanted to say, every day before
you left.
Boy: What is it?
Girl: I love you too.
True Love Story Boy Hey can I tell you something.. -  -

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