GIRLS FOR YOU Read It And Do Smile

Read It And Do Smile..
Girls Are Someone Who..
-Takes a Walk in the house with a Toothbrush..
-Reads the Text on the Shampoo bottle in the Shower..
-Laugh at Their Jokes when They haven’t even Shared it with Others yet..
-They can Read something 10 Times without Understanding It..
-They Push the door when it clearly says””PULL””..
-They ask””What?””when They clearly Understand everything..
-Hate it when the Wind messes Their Hair up..
-Look in the fridge 10 times without eating anything..!!
-Have to Call Their Own Phones to find it..
-Check the Time on Their Phones when They are wearing a Wrist Watch..
-Turning Their Pillow around so They Sleep on the cold Side..
-When They stay up Late, They Count how many hours of Sleep they will get..
-Smiling While Reading This !!!
They Love and Proud being Girls…&
that’s Why Boys Love you Dear Girls..
You Are Really Very Sweet ..


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