Tips for your Beautiful Eyes

Dry skin beneath the eyes can feel just like the worst of all skin situations at times. Not only is it very uncomfortable, but in severe instances it could be visibly observed by others as well. In most instances, it is uncomfortable to apply make up and the situation may worsen as a result of the wrong types of basis sitting on the skin all day.

So, what do you do when you’re encountering dryness around the eyes? The following ideas will assist you pick an eye lotion that will clear up the situation and keep your eyes beautiful year round.

Be Specific

To adequately fight dried skin beneath eyes, you need a product designed to be used on this specific region. As an alternative of using therapy products for the face in general or the entire physique, discover an eye lotion that is designed fo skin around eyes. This is a very delicate part of your physique and these products will have elements designed particularly for your problem.

Energetic Elements

You do not want to use products which contain heavy oils on this delicate part of your skin, regardless of how dried out the skin may be in that region. You also do not want to use a lot of harsh chemical fillers or fragrances. This is a delicate region and it ought to be treated tenderly.

As an alternative, look for an eye lotion or gel that is designed to nourish and care for the skin, as well as hydrate and soften. The best product will use natural elements and of course, be designed specifically to be used around the eye.

For example, as an alternative of looking for oil primarily based lotions which can clog the pores, go for some thing with an emollient like Babassu. Babassu is proven to soften the skin around the eyes gently and will not clog pores like products that contain mineral oils.

Note that not every ingredient within the eye lotion needs to become aimed at dried skin, and not every product will goal this exclusively. The best products also include active elements that nourish the skin and improve the overall well being.


There are always going to become other elements in a product besides the main active components. Most people by no means look past the main elements to determine what else they are putting on their face, but it is very important to do so.

Dry skin beneath eyes is a treatable situation and it can even be prevented within the long term with the use of a higher high quality eye lotion.


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