The actor created a glamourous red carpet statement at the celebrated film party

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan appeared in a very stunning teal robe at the queen premiere command at the 66th urban center International festival. The fitted top and therefore the flowing train create her appear as if Associate in Nursing absolute operatic star. Garnishing her look with a bright lipstick, Ash settles for a pop of hot pink tint.

Yes, we've been inform our fingers at Ash’s bland hairdos at the fest, and eventually she’s out of that ‘letting her hair loose’ mode by choosing a top-knot. however honestly it’s not the simplest choice. Since Ash continues to be just about her plump self, she might have displayed a pleasant romantic lower updo that might have created her all-round face look slender.

What we actually like is that the play of distinction between pink and teal. the small diamond earrings boost the strangeness. And though the soft arms ar Associate in Nursing ugliness, Ash makes up for all those fatty defects together with her infectious confidence!


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