Romantic Valentines Day Dinner Ideas

The proposal goes well with a dinner or a lunch. They say, if you want to reach a man’s heart, you should start with his stomach. In fact, this very thought has inspired us to write a detailed post on Valentines day dinner ideas. The most exciting day for lovers is approaching really fast. As of writing this article, thevalentine’s day 2014 is just a week away and I already see a huge excitement building up. After all, love birds get a one more excuse to be together. Whether you are planning a romantic valentine’s dinner or something else, our blog will give you all ideas to make this year’s valentine day a special one. Are you planning for in house valentine day dinner plan; we have some tips for setting the mood with a few gift ideas which you can’t ignore. Here are a few valentines day dinner ideas that you need to try this valentine day.

Dinner ideas for Valentine’s day 2014

Start with table decoration
Mix and match your partner’s favorite shade color. You can prefer a red and pink to create a romantic setting. Set the perfect theme with simple place settings and decorations, such as a bouquet of carnations at the center. Rather than choosing a general dining table set us a new table where you will have deem light. You can choose candles to make the experience more elegant or else choose the balcony with smooth pink light on top of the table. And if you are setting the dining near a fireplace, then it is going to be awesome, you will get a fire to add to the ambience. What else can be a better valentines day dinner idea than this?
Romantic Valentines Day Dinner Ideas -  - Valentines Day Ideas
Create a romantic Valentine’s Day atmosphere with candlelight across the sitting place. Different sizes of pillar candles will give your romantic dinner place the perfect glow. Be as much creative as you can. In case, if you are going out with a boyfriend, then I recommend to try out some best valentines day ideas for boyfriend.
Valentine’s Day Dinner Playlist
Who doesn’t love songs! Get your partners favorite songs playlist and set it near dining. Choose smooth romantic songs for him or her. Avoid pop, rock, hip-hop and party songs. This is definitely going to work as toppings on ambience. In case, the songs are not your cup of tea, then you can try out some of the valentines day poems from our archive section.
Romantic Valentines Day Dinner Ideas -  - Valentines Day Ideas
You can go through the following list
The best part ahead: Cooking
Cooking is an art, but when it comes to a special day like Valentine’s Day it needs a lot of skills. From choosing ingredients to decorating dish you need to put little extra efforts. As said before, in order to win his heart, you need to win his stomach. Man loves delicious food. You can make a special food of his liking on this day.
Cook your dinner in three variations first go with a starter, then main course and then a dessert. Or you can just mix, match the recipes for your special menu.  Since, the post is not about valentines day dinner recipe, we are not including any recipe over here. Instead, you can go to Google and find out some of the best recipes for Valentines day dinner or lunch. This idea will definitely make your valentines day dinner much more romantic.
Romantic Valentines Day Dinner Ideas -  - Valentines Day Ideas

Coming to a next and important part: Wine

Choose a best wine available out there. You need to go for the most expensive wine available in the town. Usually, wine suits best with the dinner. To make the night more romantic, you can also play a romantic song along with the dinner and wine. If you are not sure which wine goes best with your cooked dish? Have a look at our wine pairing to get started.

Romantic Starters

Grilled figs with goats’ cheese

You can start with Grilled figs with goats’ cheese, mixed with honey and walnuts. It’s easy to make recipe and will not consume more than 15 mins. You do not wish to spend your entire time in the kitchen.
Romantic Valentines Day Dinner Ideas -  - Valentines Day Ideas

Oysters two ways

You can give a romantic twist on oysters with passion fruit, sesame, or just give a shot to Bloody Mary is the best way to prepare delicious starter.

Romantic main courses

Three cheese pasta

For some fast comfort food, ‘three cheese pasta’ is a better solution. Pasta are not only easy to make, but are easy to digest as well. It can be whipped up and cooked in just 20 minutes. Moreover, adding the layers of cheese will make it more delicious. Most of the man loves cheese and hence making a three cheese pasta is the best way to impress him. Such valentines day dinner ideas will make your valentines day much more romantic.
Romantic Valentines Day Dinner Ideas -  - Valentines Day Ideas
Cod with ricotta and chive sauce
Cod with ricotta is one of the most delicious dish. Why not give it a try? You can give a shot to it and make your dinner much more romantic with it. It is kind of lengthy recipe, but it’s worth spending time and energy. In case, if you do not wish to hours in the kitchen, you can order it from the nearest local store.

Romantic desert

Romantic deserts go really well after the dinner. You can play some naughty desert games as well.

Chocolate fondue

Quick and easy to make recipe, it’s great for a quick cooking and after dinner dessert, it just gives smooth end up to a romantic dinner. Chocolate kiss and other games really go well with it. There are people who love to pour chocolate on the partner and then lick it. Well, you know the drill now. Make sure you make your night romantic by playing such game with your partner. We can cover an entire topic on it, but the blog is not about how to get romantic on the valentines day night Romantic Valentines Day Dinner Ideas -  - Valentines Day Ideas
Romantic Valentines Day Dinner Ideas -  - Valentines Day Ideas

Heartthrob torte

Heartthrob torte is an almond delight studded and topped with raspberries. It’s a perfect dessert recipe for perfect valentine dinner. It usually goes well with a kiss. Just put it on your lip and ask your partner to grab it. You know what follows after that. Raspberries are always considered as a good partner of romantic times.
Romantic Valentines Day Dinner Ideas -  - Valentines Day Ideas
With all of these, don’t forget to have a wine. A simple but elegant dinner experience comes when one gives company. Prefer red wine if you are going with above dishes, but if you choose something different you can give a shot towhite wine too.
Hopefully, the above valentines day dinner ideas have given you enough hints to make your valentines day more romantic. In case, if you would like to add something to it, then sound off in the comment section below. The main of the romantic valentines day dinner ideas is to make your entire day a special one. Usually, this goes well with a proposal. Get romantic propose day SMS from our blog. You can go through our blog to find more ideas about the valentines day


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