10 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2014

10 Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2014 -  - Valentines Day Ideas
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and chances are you’re looking for a great gift to give your sweetheart. If you are lacking ideas in terms of how to demonstrate your love for your valentine this year, here are 10 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (With Helpful Hints):

1. Perfume or Cologne

The olfactory system, or the sense of smell, has one of the most persistent a longest memories among mammals. Studies have shown that the explicit olfactory memory has a high resistance to interference. Giving your sweetheart perfume or cologne on Valentines Day is perhaps one of the most memorable gifts available. Be certain to match scent with personality type and your sweetheart’s preferences to ensure the recipient of your gift is satisfied.

2. Dinner

The way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is straight through the stomach. A nice dinner is always a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Nothing says love more than a home cooked meal or a nice dinner out, depending upon budget restraints and other limitations. Order a dinner gift basket, light a few candles to add a little ambiance and spark a little romance into your at home Valentine’s Day celebration. Or eat out to avoid cleanup.

3. Jewelery

All that glitters isn’t gold…it’s also diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies, and a slew of other precious stones. A heartfelt, sentimental token of love, in the form of a necklace, cuff links, ring, watch, key chain, or earrings is a great gift for your valentine. Be certain to set a budget and stay within your spending frame. Allow for room to perhaps incorporate a sentimental aspect to any gift of jewelery, like having the piece engraved or even saying “I bought this for you because it matches your eyes” when giving the gift, will only add to the joy of your sweetheart.

4. Chocolates and Candy

Who doesn’t like confections on Valentine’s Day? For a super romantic touch, hand selecting chocolates from a candy store or purchasing confections as unique as your valentine will only add to the sentimentality of your gift. Incorporating an aspect of your valentine’s personality will only add a romantic layer to your Valentine’s Day gift. Consider your sweetheart’s hobbies and interests when choosing a gift.

Hint: Tower Of Sweets

5. Lingerie

Lingerie is a two fold gift for men and women. Lingerie is a luxurious way to proclaim your love. Incorporate your sweetheart’s physical assets and personal style when choosing a gift to ensure a purchase to accentuate the positives. Be certain to pick something that will her feel beautiful or choose something that amplifies your best physical attribute (if your a woman) and run with it.

6. Massage

Touch is one of the most positive ways to make your sweetheart feel like a million bucks. A simple massage is a great Valentine’s Day gift to rub out the tensions of every day life. Giving or receiving a massage is also a great way to reduce stress, increase circulation, and let loving energy flow.

Hint: The Massage Book

7. Music

Music can evoke powerful emotions and very little says “I Love You” more than your sweetheart’s favorite songs and romantic tunes. Compiling a CD or collection of songs is a great, surefire way to express how you feel for your sweetheart. And as an added bonus, music provides perfect background music for any Valentine’s Day activities.

8. Adventure Gadgets

Everyone needs a “just in case” gadget to battle the inevitable and even though it’s not the most romantic gift for your sweetheart, but any outdoor adventure gadget is perhaps the most useful. Survival kits, outdoor weather stations, compasses, GPS systems, and roadside emergency kits are a practical Valentine’s Day gift idea as one can never predict what’s around the next corner. Just be sure to accompany this gift with a sweet handwritten poem or love letter (something along the lines of “I was lost until I met you”) to ensure the recipient is pleased with your Valentine’s Day gift.

9. Wine, Beer, Champagne, or Spirits

Whether your sweetheart prefers a rare Scotch or non-alcoholic champagne, the gift of wine, beer, or spirits is a great Valentine’s Day gift. Be sure to include your love interest’s tastes when choosing an alcoholic or non-alcoholic gift and remember gift giving is all in presentation so adding a few words in a heartfelt card will only add to the romantic atmosphere of Valentine’s Day gift giving.

Hint: Chocolate Champagne

10. Love Coupons

Whether homemade or store bought, love coupons are a 100% satisfaction guaranteed gift for Valentine’s Day. Even die hard anti-romantics can’t resist a gift which reads: “Present this coupon any time you want me to drop everything and make love to you.” So, break out the scissors, paper, and markers, employ your imagination, grab a small bouquet of flowers, and leave the rest up to Cupid. (Or purchase a store bought coupon book.)


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