Aaminah Haq Pakistani fashion celebrity

Aaminah Haq Pakistani fashion celebrity -  - Models, Aaminah Haq

Other then shinning on the ramps and fashion shoots, she has also earned a good name in her acting carrier as well. Aaminah Haq possessed acted in several television plays besides appearing in various commercials. Her television shows include “Jaye Kahan Yeh Dil”, “Mehndi”, “Chandani Ratien”, “Aina”, Ghulam Gardish also “Doorian”. Especially her T.V play, Mehndi gave her much fame and admiration.
Pakistani known ‘Aishwarya Rai’ worked with so many renowned stylists and photographers like Athar Shahzad, Arshad Tareen, and Tapu Javeri etc. She has also give name to the so many designer’s work like HSY.
Most interesting thing about Aaminah Haq is that she was engaged with Ammar Bilal, in the mid 2008. Both of them had a friendship from a quite long time.  She was also awarded as the well-dressed socialite of 2007.
Another note-worthy & motivating thing about Aaminah Haq is that she is also the Ambassador for Deplilex’s ‘Smile Again Foundation’, and admirably helping female acid burn victims.
Aaminah Haq, the daughter of Mustafa Khar (the legendary Feudal Lord) has ability to spell bound the audience when came with her dazzling looks. She was also selected as a Brand Ambassador of Levi Jeans. She has done a few international commercials as well, particularly in Canada. She has gain international fame in its true sense when she was interviewed by French Vogue.

Aaminah Haq is a true Pakistani fashion celebrity. Her attractive almond shaped eyes coupled inclusive of graceful looks have made her the hottest symbol of Pakistan.


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