Give Your Love Life Some Spark for Valentine’s Day (Or Any Day)

Time to let your naughty mind wander. Take a break and think of the last time that you had out of this world sex. You know, the toe curling, bed breaking, mind blowing variety? If it’s been a l-o-n-g time, monopolize on those moments by adding a new dimension to your sexual arsenal. Surprise your partner with a deliciously divine and somewhat devilish gift with any of the following items on this list. Here are 10 ways to Give Your Love Life Some Spark For Valentine’s Day (Or Any Day). You haven’t truly fed your inner sexual beast until or unless you’ve tried some or all of these things for a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or even wedding gift. Now go get naked and enjoy!

1. Your Imagination

Before you enter the foray of bedroom toys and gadgets, open your mind. And your mouth. Carefully allow your partner to explore the outer stretches of your darkside. Your brain is your biggest instrument of pleasure. And two brains are far, far greater than one. Let some (but not all) of your wildest fantasies run free. Then see what happens. The dangerous delight of sharing the divinity of your desires fuels the fires of attraction. Let it take you where you want to go. Or default to inspiration within the pages of books. Two great reads include The New Male Sexuality by Bernie Zilbergeld and My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday.
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2. Ben Wa Balls

Chinese Taoists and Tantric practitioners have suggested for centuries that Ben Wa Balls help people explore their more sensual side and establish better control. In the spirit of tradition, these stainless steel balls help in the strengthening and tightening of a woman’s muscles may have shaped the future of sexuality permanently. Especially when no one really knows the powers that Ben Wa have until you try.
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3. Adult Play Set

With 50 Shades of Grey all the rage, the world of BDSM went mainstream. Though the books were a mere introduction, the allure and temptation awaiting in foray of bondage, discipline, submission, and sadomasochism is practiced in some form whether people are aware of it or not. Rather than ignore it, you can give in, get out, or maybe even buy in with the Top Sex Tools kit. As long as all parties are in agreement and there’s a safe word, you can use the assorted whips, collars, handcuffs, masks, and clamps to explore vistas of your imagination beyond the typical realm.
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4. Magic Wand

Throw a dash of magic into your bedroom fun with a Magic Wand. Play the point game by aiming the wand at a body part or play the role of a Magician to add a layer of imagination into your sex life. Spice things up, slow things down, and incorporate a little wonder in your world. It’ll be fun.
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5. French Vanilla Massage Oil

The scent of vanilla has been a longstanding aroma which since the early 1800s was known for its ability to stimulate romance receptors. In fact many well known men, from Dr John King and even Thomas Jefferson spiced up their love lives with the relaxing and aphrodisiac welcoming scent of vanilla. So the next time you’re in the mood, torch up the candles, turn up the heat, and break out the Biosource Naturals French Vanilla Massage Oil. Give your partner a rub down using the powers of touch and trigger the olfactory to create a sensual, softening haven of absolute pleasure.
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6. We-Vibe 3

Dubbed one of the best toys money can buy despite it’s price, the We-Vibe 3 offers couples (and singles) an experience like no other. Designed for all kinds of uses, this toy is discreet, rechargeable, has several vibration modes, and is long lasting. As one of the few toys on the market that can offer both partners a sensory experience unlike any other, this product delivers one heck of a bang for your buck.
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7. Tower of Power

Enhance a moment and harness your potential with Doc Johnson’s Tower of Power set. With 6 unique shapes, 6 different colors, and a soft, pliable texture, you and your partner may discover new sensations during your most sensual moments. Top rated by customers, these rings are guaranteed to deliver satisfaction unmatched by similar products.
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8. Foreplay Dice

Toss a little sexy fun and surrender into your private life by taking a gamble with a toss of the Foreplay Dice. Let desire and these glow in the dark erotic dice call the shots for enjoying excitement. Then nibble, massage, kiss, suck, and lick your way to pleasure.
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9. Feather Tickler

Scientists have proven that a tickle inspires bonding, reflexes, and laughter. Bring a little sexy mischief to your next romp with a Feather Tickler. The short handle and softness will provoke and evoke delight in a surefire, proven way to lighten up a steamy night. Add a layer of surprise with a blind and make an evening that is divine or hilarious. Either way it will be fun.
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10. Each Other

Often the best thing in life to hold on to is each other. In the present chaos of the everyday grind, sometimes all couples really need for a respite is to just embrace. So grab on tight and let whatever might happen next just happen. Cuddling up and reading a good book helps too. Here’s a new age-esque, holistic take on the mating, dating, and relating of modern times with Julie McIntyre’s Sex and The Intelligence of the Heart: Nature, Intimacy, and the Sexual Energy. This one looks like a keeper.
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