Fifty Seven States of Mind

Fifty Seven States of Mind
I took a bus today
Making a tour the American way
I wondered as I was told
That I’d covered all the Nation’s fold
So as I stepped outside
My proverbial ride
And glanced up at the thing I deride
And there it hung
With its cloth a furl
I saw its imperialistic truth
Still a part-hid curl
So I did count the showing row
And saw nine in a straight line
But as I looked a wondering how
It rolled to show seven now
That’s ingenious thought I
To stagger the rolls in diagonal lie
So I waited ‘til a breeze passed through
To sum the rows ‘cross the lower blue
I counted seven stars in a row
And surmised they were staggered so
Four of nine for thirty six
And three of seven for twenty one
That’s fifty seven I summed up quick
Captured by these territorial dicks
‘I’ve now been to all fifty seven states’ said I
But one state Alaska and Hawaii skipped by
Fifty seven states of mind
Fifty seven states to blind
Fifty seven states of mine
Fifty seven states to fine
Fifty seven for the rule of mob
Fifty seven for the world to rob


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