What Scares Kareena Kapoor

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It’s been some time since we saw Kareena Kapoor on screen. She did appear in some events especially that of her cousin Armaan Jain, we haven’t heard much about her except for the fact that she has refused to work in a lot of films. Well, that’s something we will discuss later on. Here we are telling you the many fears Kareena has.
Kareena apparently is scared of working in South Indian films. Rumours suggest Priyadarshanhad approached her to do a film on a warrior opposite Mohanlal. But she said No to it, because she isn’t comfortable with the language and is hence scared of them. Funny, what’s there to be scared of it?
Anyway, moving on, Kareena is also afraid of bike riding. Although enjoyed doing the same inKambakhht Ishq, she isn’t too fond of it. Cue for all filmmakers who are thinking of casting her inBang Bang roles.
Last but not the least, Kareena Kapoor doesn’t like stunts at all. During Agent Vinod, she went on record to say that she never enjoys such movies but when need arises she does them. She would rather choose a rom-com over a stunt laced film.


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