While Akshay Kumar did not have body doubles, his dog had 6 in Entertainment

Akshay Kumar’s upcoming entertainer has a dog, whose name in real life is Junior, playing the parallel lead.
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In fact, the film is named Entertainment after him. While we were talking to Akshay, we realised how many special privileges Junior had on set that Akshay did not, and bring you some of them. Interestingly, while Akshay had no body doubles, Junior had six. So, Junior would only come and give his close-up shots, while the long shots would be given by his body doubles.
Akshay Kumar Junior 
Working Hours: 8 hours a day 3-4 hours a day 
Shooting: Every day Every alternate day 
No. of Body Doubles: None 6 
Vanity Van + AC: Yes Yes Speciality Food: Sushi Dole (preserved peaches as it keeps him cool) 


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