King Khan Shahrukh Khan reacted when asked about Aamir Khan’s ‘PK’ films poster.

Shahrukh Khan was in his own mood on friday at the announcement of his new television show ‘GotTalent World Stage’ in Mumbai.

Got Talent World Stage Live promises to be a first of its kind reality show on Indian television.

The upcoming show, which will be hosted by SRK, is about contestants showing off various talents.

The poster of Aamir Khan’s upcoming film PK- that was released on Thursday night- featured the actor standing nude on a rail track in the desert with just a stereo covering his privates.

Shahrukh Khan was asked by the host, “We saw a new great talant of Mr Aamir Khan today has you seen the posters, what do you think the Nudity has come a big”

On which Shahrukh Khan replied instantly, “You has said it to me, dont go their and say its a talent, Okey”



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