UNMISSABLE: Aamir Khan’s BOLDEST acts!

New Delhi: Aamir Khan should not be affected by the kind of giggles, objection or criticism he is flooded with after appearing ‘nude’ on the poster of his upcoming movie ‘PK’.
This is because of the unlimited ‘out of the way’ controversies that he was involved in after the start of his career.
UNMISSABLE: Aamir Khan's BOLDEST acts! -  - News, Bollywood News, August 2014, Aamir Khan
Upcoming movie of Aamir Khan ‘PK’ is a comedy drama. It’s being directed by Rajkumar Hirani who has superhits like ‘3 Idiots’ and two ‘Munnabhais’ to his credit. The female lead of the movie is Anushka Sharma. ‘PK’ is set to be released on December 19. Recently ‘nude poster’ of Aamir for PK became viral on internet.
It is also reported that Aamir Khan is about to share the longest kiss with Anushka Sharma in PK.
According to a magazine, Aamir Khan was in an illicit relationship with a British journalist Jessica Hines. He met the journalist on the sets of Ghulam and landed into a live-in relationship with her. Reportedly, Jessica got pregnant and delivered a child even after being told by Aamir to abort it. The child’s name is Jaan. The news spread like fire and gave the whole film industry alongwith Aamir goosebumps!


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