Shah Rukh Khan who has seen a few rushes of the film came on board to support the film by unveiling the trailer of Nautanki Film‘s upcoming release Ekkees Topon Ki Salaami. The satire infused film is a story about a common man and his relationship with his sons.
The entire star cast and crew was present at the event including Anupam KherDivyendu SharmaAditi Sharma and Neha DhupiaNeha very candidly replied to a journalist that it’s only Sex and Shah Rukh Khan that sells in the industry and audiences love both of them very fondly.
Well, Neha your assumption about what sells best is somewhat true with no denial from any of us.
Ekkees Topo Ki Salaami is a story mixed of comedy, drama and romance and the trailer of the film as reports suggest received a tremendous response from the audience.


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