What Role Can Hrithik Roshan Play In Step Up 6 ?

What Role Can Hrithik Roshan Play In Step Up 6 ? -  - September 2014, News, Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood News
Hrithik Roshan might give a nod to be part of Hollywood’s dancing franchise Step Up’s next installment. Now if you people have closely followed the series, you might have noticed there always a person who brings together these scattered talents to form one fantastic group. We are sure given Hrithik Roshan’s grown up hot looks, he will be the catalyst. But in what way? Here are some of the options that the Hollywood director can check out.
1. Hrithik Roshan could be the master who trains underprivileged kids and hones their talent looking for that one genius guy who can do it all.
2. Or he could be the devilish mastermind of a rival team who make it difficult for anyone else to compete and defeat them. But fate plays a prank and he becomes one of those he fought against. A bad man turned a good person, won’t we like that.
3. Or he could play the part the West patronises. Of being an Indian who gets the opportunity to defeat world’s best dancer in a LA challenge!! The Indian underdog is something everyone in West just loves.


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