Bipasha Basu’s erotic thriller with actor Karan Singh GroverAlone had a rough start at first. The film is a combination of intimacy, horror and thriller, and it had a slow start on its opening day with total collection of only around Rs. 3.50 Crore (35 Million). It was expected that the film’s box office collection would progress on the second day. However, Bipasha’s Alone did no such progress that was expected from the film. On Saturday, the erotic horror film did same and earned around Rs. 3.50 Crore (35 Million). The next day, the filmed managed to pull around Rs. 4Crore (40 Million).
Going by the digits, Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover starrer film drastically failed on the box office. On its first weekend, the film only managed to collect around Rs. 11 Crore (11 Million). The much anticipated film, ‘Alone’ failed to amuse the audiences and received mixed reviews from the critics. Even though film couldn’t deliver what was expected from it, Karan Singh Groverreceived positive reactions from the audiences.


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