Priyanka Chopra knows how to make a statement, that’s for sure! The actress/songstress performed at World’s Got Talent and while I haven’t seen the show yet (it’s PC, so I’m sure it was fantastic) I did get a chance to see pictures of her outfits, and that’s not all – her stylist, Ami Patel even sent in the sketches of all three looks she wore while performing. Take a peek…

 On Priyanka’s brief, Ami collaborated with Koëcsh designer, Kresha Bajaj to create three looks that were fuss-free, graphic and ultra modern. Ami explained that since her performance involved some aerial stunts, she needed a base look that wasn’t a traditional lehenga-choli. A cut-out bodysuit was the answer and the glittering red number only got better and better with the additions that made up the other two looks.

So it’s now safe to say that I don’t mind not watching the performance, those costumes just did it all for me.


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