The “Fancy” Singer, Iggy Azalea Has Gone Off Social Media After Leaked Private Pictures!


Celebrities hate it when the paparazzi intrude on their private moments. The case is always the same – whether it’s Hollywood or Bollywood. However, it seems as though things got a little out of hand with Iggy Azalea.
Iggy’s pictures in a bikini were captured and uploaded on various websites while she was holidaying, leading to a huge discussion on her “not-so-toned” butt. It’s disappointing to see that after so much outrage over fat shaming and body image in the recent times, people are still targeting celebrities!
The Australian Singer is aware of her popularity and the paparazzi “baggage” that comes with her profession. But, what happened with her pictures that were taken while she was vacationing has really upset her – just enough to make her vent on Twitter:


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