Aamir Khan To Produce Another PK With A Female Lead ?

Aamir Khan To Produce Another PK With A Female Lead ? -  - News, Bollywood News, Bollywood Celebrities, Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan’s PK broke all records last year by becoming the highest grossing film of all time in the Bollywood industry. So certainly it won’t be a surprise if the actor decides to come up with something on the similar lines. Reports suggest that Aamir Khan is set to produce another PK type film with a female lead this time.
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According to the reports, the film is based on the life of a Muslim girl from a conservative family who has big dreams of joining the showbiz. The story is about her struggle of breaking stereotypes and her journey to achieve success despite the family and religious restrictions. The film might see a fresh face for the female lead and will be a low budget film unlike the blockbuster PK.
Aamir’s PK was set on a Hindu godman who cheats devotees in the name of God. The film sparked numerous controversies and was banned in few states by the respective governments. However, the film gained massive response and support from the public in general.
At the recent DVD launch of the film Aamir Khan stated, “The film has been loved by the majority. Personally I want to say I feel bad if I hurt a single person; that was not my intention at all. What we wanted to tell we told that because it was an important point. But I want to apologise if I hurt people.”


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