Bollywood Birthdays In May – Anushka Sharma, Sunny Leone, Ali Zafar
Quite a bunch of talented B-Town personalities were born in this month. Not just some exceptional actors, but also some brilliant filmmakers. Here, take a look!
1st May
Anushka Sharma – The gorgeous and talented actress turns 27 this year.
11th May
Pooja Bedi – The former actress and TV host turns 45 this year.
13th May
Sunny Leone – The hottie turns 34 this year.
Punit Malhotra – The young director turns 33 this year.
14th May
Zarine Khan – The actress turns 28 this year.
15th May
Madhuri Dixit – The ethereal beauty turns 48 this year.
16th May
Sonal Chauhan – The actress turns 30 this year.
17th May
Pankaj Udhas – The famous ghazal singer turns 64 this year.
18th May
Ali Zafar – The actor turns 35 this year.
19th May
Nawazuddin Siddiqui – The versatile actor turns 41 this year.
21st May
Aditya Chopra – The genius filmmaker turns 44 this year.
25th May
Karan Johar – The blockbuster filmmaker turns 43 this year.
29th May
Pankaj Kapur – The talented actor turns 61 this year.
30th May
Paresh Rawal – The fine performer turns 65 this year.
31st May
Vir Das – The actor and comedian turns 36 this year.


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