If you thought that stardom comes easy or it comes to those who are lucky, then you are wrong my friend. Success and fame come at a price and you need to work really hard for it. Same applies for some of our Bollywood celebs who had to work hard to get rid of their extra weight in order to act in front of the camera. Read about 10 Bollywood celebs who went from fat to fab.
1. Arjun Kapoor

At the outset of this list of Bollywood celebs who went from fat to fab, let us talk about the Ishaqzaada Arjun Kapoor. Arjun, the tall, dark, handsome actor who has girls drooling over him, was not this hot always. He was a very heavy 170 kg boy who looked nothing but a sandbag. Under the guidance and training of Salman Khan, he not only lost a lot of weight (by lot of weight I mean 68 kgs!), but also flaunts a six-pack body now. Bravo!
2. Zarine Khan

The ‘Veer’ fame who grabbed attention for her striking resemblance to Katrina Kaif also won a lot of critical attention for her over weight stature. She was almost ignored and was considered just a one movie wonder. But Zarine did not give up and worked her way to a sultry figure. She was 100 kgs before she entering Bollywood and is now a decent 57.
3. Kareena Kapoor
This Kapoor heartthrob looks stunning with high cheekbones and svelte figure doing half the things for her. Kareena or Bebo as we call her with love was a chubby and cuddly girl who looked like a delicate soft toy. But something made her to work her way into slimming down and with the help of a strict diet plan and power yoga, she started the trend of zero figure. Though, we must admit that she didn’t quite look as pretty in her no fat frame.
4. Sonakshi Sinha
Happily working behind the camera was this ‘Dabangg’ Sonakshi Sinha, daughter of khaamoshhhh alias Shatrughan Sinha. Sonakshi wasn’t much worried about carrying that extra pile of weight around until Salman approached her for a movie and asked her to lose weight. Who dare ignore Sallu bhai and so Sonakshi also lost 30 kgs to become the Rajjo of Chulbul Pandey.
5. Sonam Kapoor
Being the daughter of a handsome hunk like Anil Kapoor, Sonam had to keep up the trend of good looks and vivacity. She weighed a good 86 kgs before she stepped in front of the camera and made her debut with ‘Saawariya’. She lost 30 kgs for her first film and has lost even more after that. She is known as the diva and style icon of Bollywood.
6. Alia Bhatt
This “Shanaya” of ‘Student Of The Year’ fame sizzled the screen with her presence on screen in her debut movie. She was highly applauded for her style and oomph factor in her first movie itself. Alia has been getting offers since then and has no looking back.
The Alia we know now wasn’t the same earlier. She too was overweight, thanks to all the love and pampering that star kids get, and looked like any other regular chubby girl. But she worked hard under the supervision of her director father, Mahesh Bhatt and lost 16 kgs for her debut.
7. Parineeti Chopra
The cute and pretty Parineeti Chopra is blessed with the cutest face ever but wasn’t blessed with a good body. In her own words, she “wasn’t just chubby but very fat”. Like Sonakshi, she was also working behind the camera assisting directors and was comfortable in her shoes. But when approached for a role in ‘Ladies Vs Ricky Behl’, she had to lose all that baby fat. She did lose some weight for her debut and is working to lose more. We love you, Parineeti!!



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