Amitabh Bachchan’s emotional post on Vinod Khanna might make you shed a tear or two

Amitabh Bachchan’s emotional post on Vinod Khanna might make you shed a tear or two -  - News, India News, Bollywood News

Vinod Khanna breathed his last yesterday and the whole nation mourned his death. That proved how much he was loved and respected by people. His presence in films had become limited but whenever he made it to to the big screen, it was worth watching it on loop. Many turned up during his last rites that was performed yesterday and Amitabh Bachchan was one of them. It seems the megastar waited for the news to sink in before he could pen a few lines for his beloved co-star Vinod Khanna. AB dedicated a blog post to his Muqaddar Ka Sikander co-star and we warn you, when you read it, there is a possibility you might feel choked. (Also read: Salman Khan mourns Vinod Khanna’s death by sharing this moment with the late actor)

Bachchan writes, “I first saw him entering the Ajanta Arts office in Bandra, of Sunil Dutt, where I was making my way to seek a job .. a most good looking handsome young man .. a body in elegant frame ..  a swagger in his walk .. and a gentle smile as he looked towards me .. it was 1969 .. he was working in the Ajanta Arts film, ‘Man ka Meet’ .. I was struggling to get a role, any role, anywhere.” He further reminisced, “He a big star .. but always most humble with selfless concern for others .. the rides he would take me on, in his recently acquired Beetle VolksWagen, yellow in color .. his generosity in smuggling me into the only Disco Club in the city at the Taj, where he was a member, and I not even remotely in any state to become one .. his marriage to Geetanjali, whom he and we all fondly called Gitly .. the birth of his sons, Rahul and Akshay, whom he often brought on to the sets of AAA.”

Khanna and BachchanBut the line that will stay with you more is, “No one walked the way he did .. no one had the presence he had in a crowded room .. no one could lighten up the surroundings he was in, like him .. no one.”


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