Baahubali 2: Not Kattappa or Sivagami, fans want a spinoff of Devasena’s story

Fnas want a spin off Devasena’s character form Baahubali 2
Baahubali 2: Not Kattappa or Sivagami, fans want a spinoff of Devasena’s story -  - News, India News, Bollywood News
When it comes to the Baahubali series what stood out apart from the story and the much talked about VFX were the powerful characters! Each of them – Baahubali, Devasena, Kattappa, Sivagami, Avanthika had a significant role to play in the historical drama. Each of them lent drama and depth to the magnum opus. Without even one, the story wouldn’t have been as compelling. The best part – these characters elevated one another’s performances. Bhallaladeva wouldn’t be as evil if Baahubali wasn’t so humble. Sivagami wouldn’t have been as powerful if Kattappa wouldn’t have been as loyal. It’s all connected. Baahubali: The Conclusion, the sequel to The Beginning recently hit theatres and opened to a phenomenal response. While the characters were already written out well in Part 2, there was more depth to each of them in Baahubali 2 . Given a chance, each of them would have their own story to tell. The magnum opus might have ended with the Conclusion but there’s so much more that we need to know. That’s why we decided to conduct a poll to find out from our readers –  if one of the characters had a spin off, which one would they choose from Devasena, Sivagami, Kattappa and Bhallaladeva.
And now we have the results. Devasena has won! She received 35% votes as opposed to Sivagam 25% votes and Kattappa’s 14 and the others who comprised rest of the votes. Baahubali makers, are you listening? it’s time to create a film just on Devasena! We aren’t surprised the Kuntala princess beta them all considering she was one of the most interesting characters of Baahubali 2. Also Read: 5 reasons why every girl wants to be Devasena from Baahubali 2, thanks to Anushka Shetty
The feisty princess played by Anushka Shetty was brave, independent, skilled and simply beautiful! She didn’t restrict herself to only womanly duties, fought when she had to, hunted when she had to, protected the kingdom when she had to, spoke her mind when she had to, Her character was inspiring. But there’s so much we don’t know about Devasena- who were her parents? How did she lose them? Did Devasena brother get to see them? Were these the ways and traditions of the Kuntala Kingdom even when her parents were alive?


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