How can I protect my skin from pollution?


Live in the city? Protect your skin with these three expert tips

How can I protect my skin from pollution? -  - Skin Care, Beauty Tips

A recent World Health Organization report showed that several cities in the United Kingdom break the international air pollution limit. Pollution can have a lot of harmful effects, especially on women in a city, because research shows that women live in urban areas grow older faster than those in the countryside, but have you ever thought about your skin effect?

During the warmer summer months, the gases that contribute to the ozone depletion cause the sun to be less well protected, causing accelerated ultraviolet rays to penetrate the skin. These rays can cause premature aging, hyperpigmentation and a decrease in the production of collagen in the skin. Arbonne health, wellness and beauty brand offers three simple tips to minimize and protect damage.

1 shield and protect

You may not be familiar with face acids, but many intensive formulas can prevent contamination and prevent side effects. Try products containing fatty acids because this clever ingredient protects the skin from the environment while the underlying layers moisturize. An important ingredient to keep in mind is buckthorn oil; a concentrated antioxidant that pulls out environmental toxins, preventing any additional damage and reducing existing symptoms.

2 Wash your face twice a day

The warmer weather can create smog in urban areas, which means that the skin can become dirty, blocking bacteria in our pores, which can cause pimples, dehydration and ultimately accelerate the aging process. Some face wash can put a layer of film on the skin and deep cleansing that the pores do not offer, so it’s essential to use an effective dirt to remove from the skin. It is also highly recommended to keep natural products based on botany, perfumed or parabens, as this will cause environmental toxins to be removed without removing natural skin oils.

3 exfoliates daily

Dark spots and wrinkles may occur due to the harmful dirt that remains on the skin, making it a generally opaque appearance. Using a daily scrub to allow dead skin cells to remove the development of new and undamaged, rejuvenate the skin and eliminate any permanent damage. In addition, when the skin grows back, it increases youth, elasticity and helps in solving natural oils and moisture.


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