Shameful act on an Australian Cricketer

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Shameful act on an Australian Cricketer

There is also a wonderful event in the International Cricket International history that puts the foundation of hostility between Australia and New Zealand, and then the rules of the game have to be changed.
On February 1, 1981, the Test match between Melbourne Cricket Ground and Australia and New Zealand was presented in an unprecedented event that left a deep role in cricket history. Many observers remember it as a shameful event of cricket history. It was the third match of the ongoing World Series finals between the two countries. The series was equal to 1-1 before.

New Zealand needed six runs to match the match on the last ball. Brian McChryn was present in the tenth, batsman on strike. Bowler Traver Chapel, who is currently the brother of the Australian team Greg Chapel. However, on the last ball, Australian team captain made a decision that all the fans were bowled down by tail. Greg Chapel told his brother that the last ball should be done ‘Under Arm’, namely, wearing a haired ball on the ground without rotating the arm so that it can become impossible.

At the time, ‘Under Arm’ was not banned in international cricket rules, but doing such a hair was considered against a sportsman superstit, so this hair was not used in normal circumstances. The Australian captain’s decision was so unexpected that his brother, sitting in the container box, was unhappy with the mouth of the ion chapel. “” Greg ‘You can not do this! ”
Despite the attempting Kiwi, the Under-Arm could not throw out the bowler and Australia won the match. But this incident crashed over millions of fans. After this incident, New Zealand’s prime minister, Robert Mendon, declared it as a tallest episode of cricket history and said, “It’s extremist’s extremist, it’s fine that the Australian team wears yellow.” The Australian Prime Minister also termed this strategy against the tradition of the game.

After this incident ‘Under Army’ was declared illegal in the international cricket.
Interestingly, on February 17, 2005, twenty four years after the incident, Australian bowler, Gulen McGrath in the last over in the first Test match international match, ‘Killing Mills’ to make Kyle Mills a ‘Underwater’ ball. After which Emperor Cathedral also showed him the ‘Fury’ Red Card. However, that time New Zealand needed 44 runs on the last ball, so there was no serious response to this ‘fun’. It is said that McGrath’s sign was also about 24 years ago.

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